Lower back pain is very common nowadays with which most of the people suffer at least once in their lifetime. It has become the biggest reason for anybody to skip their work, disturbs the daily routine, and makes it difficult to perform day to day activities. Lower back pain is not caused by a single event or activity.

It is a result of some muscular or skeletal damage or irritation or some bad postural and natural events and activities. Lower back pain cannot be defined in particular as it varies from person to person, depending upon the condition, are and situation of the pain. Lower back pain can be of varies types like, dull, achy, chronic, mild, severe, short-term and long-term.

Mild or short-term back pain generally last from a week to three months and gets cured easily with some amount of good and light exercises, rest and medications. Whereas long- term lower back pain becomes severe in nature, increasing chances of immobility or loss of function in future, lasts more than three months and after proper diagnosing the cause, is treated accordingly.

Lower back pain becomes severe is very difficult to diagnose. There are various different reasons for the back pain to occur and last long. Back solutions clinic is the best solution, diagnosis, and treatment providers in terms of curing lower back pain.

They have a set of expert physicians and doctors who effectively diagnose the root cause of the pain by performing certain blood tests, MRIs, CT Scans, and a full thorough physical and medical examination along with studying the full medical history of the pain and patient. After the proper diagnosis, the exact, accurate and effective treatment would be given to the patient. The various causes of lower back pain are:

  • Pregnancy.
  • Bad posture while sitting, standing, sleeping and bending.
  • Lifting heavy weights with sudden jerks.
  • Inflammation and swelling.
  • Muscle strains and spasms.
  • Arthritis and spondylosis.
  • Sciatica and piriformis syndrome.
  • Nerve disorders.
  • Pinched nerve and compressed nerve.
  • Being overweight and obesity.
  • Lack of physical movement or exercises.
  • Weak core strength and sedentary lifestyle.
  • Strenuous jobs like long sitting and standing working hours.
  • Smoking and being alcoholic.
  • Slipped disc or herniated disc.
  • Ruptured disc and bulging disc.
  • Injury or accident.
  • Infection in nearby organs of the back. Etc.

There are various non-surgical techniques available for lower back pain treatment. But nowadays EFT is also gaining popularity for the same.  EFT or in literal terms tapping is a new technique that cures back pain by releases the negative energy which is causing the back pain to persist and relaxes the tense lower back muscles and also releases physical and psychological tension.

EFT means emotional freedom technique. We do not know that severe pain is mostly associated with intense emotional backlog and tension stress in our body. It aggravates the pain, thus making it difficult to cure otherwise. Therefore, releasing the negative emotions is most important beforehand treating lower back pain through other means.

EFT is completely natural in nature. In it certain acupressure points are being pressed while repeating certain phrases to release muscle and emotional tension, thus making mind and body relax.